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My name is Evgeny, many call me Buryat, which is often hard to remember or pronounce. I shortened it to an easy and memorable E.

I offer lean User Experience design services. User Experience design is a multi-dimensional design that explores topics of usability, ergonomics, interactions, and in particular, consistency, predictability, and efficiency of products and services.

Reusable design and templates

I'm forming comprehensive solutions and design systems easy to apply and reuse across multiple medias.

Design for complex systems

I convert hard to imagine and messy ideas to tangible and easy to use products.

Pure and timeless design

I'm focused on the long lasting impact that's why I exercise precision and timeless design.

True UX

User Experience designer strives to answer the question if a user can meet a planned goal in a seamless, natural way, and what the feelings are involved. A large part of User Experience is dealing with what the person feels while interacting with a subject and what is the person's satisfactory level. Considering emotional states, behavioral patterns, cultural aspects, social influences, personal motivators. User Experience researches context and perception of a user applying the learnings in the product or service.

In simple words, I use UX to plan and develop things and services for people in a very accurate manner.

LEAN UX principle

With the iterative LEAN approach, I create captivating user-centered designs. I study venture objectives, analyze the results, draft ideas, prototype the assumptions, and test with people. With each cycle, the final result becoming more precise and polished.

Learning about market, users, competitors, and trends using qualitative and quantitative research.
Understanding results and context, interpreting wills and wants, compiling reports and learnings.
Sketching ideas and assumptions, outlining concepts, user flows, and architecture maps.
Mocking ideas, setting layouts, designing elements and functionality using wireframes, and prototypes.
Observing users, collecting feedback, learning usability flaws.
Taking the designs to development, assisting by definitions and guides for implementation.

Focus on results

I focus on information architecture led by user research. I conduct interviews, user testing sessions, and analyze outcomes for understanding users. I draft wireframes and build prototypes later taking them to tests with users. During the process, I shape the surface of a particular product, would it be system as a service (SaaS), or mobile application, website, or spacecraft dashboard. It comes out in the form of the comprehensive design system, or beautifully designed user interface. The work of structured art that composes storytelling, information visualization, motion, and styling for people.

Briefly, I train pixels to align and dance, meeting people's expectations.

UX Standards

Standardization is an effort to introduce consistency in design work and result. Creating standards in User Experience is especially a tedious and generally obscure work. Most common use-cases for standards are Design Systems and Templates. Design Systems are present in many industries and vary on scales.

I share general points on what standardization of User Experience is in the talk about Reusable Design at Creative Mornings Berlin

Evgeny Onutchin with Reusable Design talk at Creative Mornings BerlinPlay button
Photo by Savannah van der Niet

Concisely, I learned how to help things organize in groups and serve people.

UX design service

User Experience is crucial for startups and new ventures. UX helps to integrate multiple points like venture idea, business goals, novel technologies, personal stories, and user preferences in a meaningful, engaging way. Principally User Experience starts long before an individual uses the thing specific company produces or offers as a service. It begins at the point a person tries some competitors solution or stumbles upon a problem. User Experience Research investigates the frontier of the venture and outlines opportunities within the user journey. UX influences marketing strategy, brand identity, development efforts, and only at the very, very end look and feel of the product.

In short, I use UX to help firms building insightful products and services.

Trusted partner

Entrepreneurs and established brands entrusted me with their design projects because of the qualities.

Transparent work

With clear communication and honest service, I strive to be cooperative in every single aspect.

Creative solutions

I use my passionate creativity and well-established design processes to create the best designs.

Excellent design

I work extra hard to deliver easy-to-use and aesthetically satisfying design solutions on time.
" It has been a great pleasure collaborating with Evgeny for a very last minute project here at Lufthansa Group. He delivered very quick on a very high quality level. I can highly recommend working with him together as he is super efficient and his standard is above the average. The communication was always very easy and simple. One of the best freelance experiences, I have had so far. Well done, E! "
- Michael Weinberger, Lufthansa Group -

UX design principles

Short read articles on founding principles of good design. Read all articles.

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