UX designer from Berlin, founder of UXDOX

I'm Evgeny, many mispronounce my name. And honestly, it's often hard to remember. I've shortened it to an easy and memorable 'E'.

About E

Driven by a passion for exceptional UX/UI, I craft digital products and web interfaces that captivate users through interactive design. Skilled in design thinking, user research, and information architecture, I create comprehensive design systems, wireframes, and high-fidelity prototypes. Collaborating with talented designers, engineers, and developers, I'm dedicated to delivering impactful, user-focused solutions.

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Jan 2023

CEO, Co-founder at Spacefood UG

Developing delicious dry fruits made for space missions - www.getspacefood.com.

Feb 2021

Mentor at StartSteps

Teaching UX and UI design at the Compass orientation program. Mentoring design talents in one-on-one sessions.

Dec 2018

Principal UX Standardization Designer at Humanitec

Led UX/UI standardization and strategy, and optimized user experiences through research, analysis, and insights on usability, human factors, and digital ergonomics. Fostered collaboration and nurtured design talents to deliver exceptional design solutions.

Apr 2017

Founder, Director at UXDOX

User experience design agency delivering system interfaces.

Oct 2013

Co-Founder, Head of Design at Webpgr

Start-up incubated the next generation of web design.

What Sets E Apart?

Transparent Work

Entrepreneurs and established brands value my clear communication and honest service, ensuring a cooperative experience throughout the project.

Creative Solutions

My passionate creativity and well-established design processes enable me to craft exceptional designs that meet and exceed expectations.

Excellent Design

I'm dedicated to delivering easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing design solutions on time, consistently achieving outstanding results.

It has been a great pleasure collaborating with Evgeny for a very last minute project here at Lufthansa Group. He delivered very quick on a very high quality level. I can highly recommend working with him together as he is super efficient and his standard is above the average. The communication was always very easy and simple. One of the best freelance experiences, I have had so far. Well done, E!
Michael Weinberger avatar
Michael Weinberger,
Lufthansa Group

Focus on Results

I prioritize User Experience Design, beginning with UX Research and Usability Testing to understand user needs. Implementing User-Centered Design, I develop wireframes and prototypes, refining them through Interaction Design and testing. My work covers diverse projects, including SaaS platforms, mobile apps, and websites, resulting in visually engaging UI Design and cohesive Design Systems.

In short, I skillfully orchestrate pixels to create harmony and delight, fulfilling user expectations.

Timeless & impactful design

Committed to creating designs with longevity and precision, focusing on delivering lasting impact and timeless appeal.

Reusable design & templates

Transforming intricate and abstract concepts into tangible, user-friendly products that simplify the user experience.

Networks & systems design

Crafting versatile design systems and full cycle solutions that seamlessly adapt and integrate across various platforms.

Honors & Awards

Jan 2023
Honorable Mention at Humanitec hackathon with Detabulation concept
Jan 2019
2nd Place at Humanitec hackathon with Party Bulb IoT module
Mar 2018
3rd Place at Samsung Life’s a Pitch, Empower Society hackathon with Neuronut app
Aug 2017
2nd Place at deMOCRACY Hackathon Factory with Modulate team and myVote blockchain voting ecosystem
Apr 2016
1st Place at Solo category at World of Apps Hackathon with HiLoCo - pseudonymous hyper local communication app
Jan 2016
Honorable Mention in Multimedia Category of IDA Design Award 2016 with Peakfactor app
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Sep 2014
2nd Place at Hack Triple 2014 Hackathon, You Is Now, "Empowered Users" category with Timum scheduler web app
Sep 2014
Die Gründungsidee from IKT innovative at Gründerwettbewerb with Webpgr
May 2013
2nd Place at AngelHack hackathon with VidVerse iPad application
Jan 2008
1st Place in MOIA students art and design competition in Professional Category
Jan 2007
1st Prize in "Lifestyle" category of "500 wants you" Fiat design competition on Designboom
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