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The compact UX design agency consists of extraordinary people working at the heart of Berlin

Evgeny Onutchin aka simply E, photo by Yehuda Swed

Simply E

Founder & leading UX expert behind UXDOX

The agency is led by our founder E, an experienced UX designer and creative strategist with over 15 years in the industry. Having worked with a diverse range of clients, E brings a unique blend of technical expertise and creative vision to each project.

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Ola Liola

Our distinguished UX Researcher

Ola stands at the forefront of UX research, bringing an extraordinary blend of diverse skills and constructive processes. Her expertise encompasses a broad spectrum, from deep qualitative analyses to cutting-edge AI analytics, enabling her to uncover insightful user behaviors and desires.

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Ola Liola
Tamara Cycman

Tamara Cycman

Our Visual Design Strategist

Our visionary designer for branding and compelling narratives.

Eline Hue

Elina Hue

Talented Junior Graphic Designer

Rising star in graphic design, with a keen eye for impactful layouts.

Cillian Murphy mem character  - Barbenheimer


Mystical Art Redirection Manager

A dynamic force brings an exceptional blend of drama and sparkles.

Alexander Plaz TV tower BerlinTeam meetingE reviews user testing results
Theo plays computerTamara at the filming setUXDOX, Panoramastr. 1 offices building

UXDOX is Different

Through the collaborative process, UXDOX team delivers highest class designs in a prompt manner.

Our team excels in UX, from research to analysis, designing interfaces that undergo thorough usability testing. We develop and refine wireframes and prototypes with User-Centered design.

Strategic design

We ensure every design directly contributes to achieving specific business goals and every design element supports it.

Efficient prototyping

We specialize in flow-based prototyping and iterative testing, accelerating the journey from concept to market-ready solutions.

Enhanced collaboration

We guarantee seamless project flow with personalized communication and management, aligning closely with client visions and timelines.

Our Partners

With the help of our partners, we can execute a multitude of projects ranging from mobile apps to complete SaaS systems, leading to captivating experiences and tangible outcomes.

SeeSaw Studio
Video production
Strategy-led and purpose-driven digital studio creating modern media content.
Full-stack design
Highly skilled design collective helping startups to reimagine the web of tomorrow.
All in Digits
Experienced development team for outsourcing projects of various scales and complexities.
Digital Education
Online education initiative helps with digital skills upgrade and career change guidance.
Sep 2014
2nd Place at Hack Triple 2014 Hackathon, You Is Now, "Empowered Users" category with Timum scheduler web app
Sep 2014
Die Gründungsidee from IKT innovative at Gründerwettbewerb with Webpgr
May 2013
2nd Place at AngelHack hackathon with VidVerse iPad application
Jan 2008
1st Place in MOIA students art and design competition in Professional Category
Jan 2007
1st Prize in "Lifestyle" category of "500 wants you" Fiat design competition on Designboom
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