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Treato pharmaceutical analytics interface

User Interface, Graphic Design, Web App

Treato's digital revolution in pharmaceutical insights

Treato (in past First Life Research) stands at the forefront of pharmaceutical analytics, harnessing the power of big data and early machine learning technologies.

The mission was to craft an interface attractive to users and bring great value to visitors regarding hard-to-discover knowledge of medication effects.

This project aimed to cater to individuals seeking reliable information on medications, including potential side effects and patient experiences, thus aiding in making informed health decisions.

On the other side, the project targeted the pharmaceutical industry with a comprehensive dashboard that presents the analyze and performance of drugs after their release to the market.

Design project introduction image

Design Strategy

  • Embrace skeuomorphic design for tangible user experiences.
  • Prioritize a simple interface for ease of navigation.
  • Ensure the design is accessible to users of all technical levels.

Research & Discovery

The research phase was dedicated to developing a visual language that was welcoming and warm. With the careful translation of UX drafts and wireframes delivered by the Head of Design, the design focused on a well-crafted, cohesive, and intuitive user interface.

Collage of research materials, data charts, and user personas gathered during the discovery phase


Visual Design

Navigating design from patient insights to pharma intelligence

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Designing the Antidepressant Webpage

Our first step was creating a page that allows visitors to analyze medication quality through patient-shared insights. The "Make Me Happy" webpage on the Treato platform simplified the search and comparison of antidepressants by showcasing the list of data-driven grades extracted by the NLP algorithm from extensive patient talkbacks.

Redefining the Treato web interface

The main Treato web interface focused on high-fidelity detailing, where clarity is the major goal.

Designing the Treato interface involved a comprehensive overhaul from concept to execution, aiming to transform complex pharmaceutical data into a user-friendly experience. The process began with creating an overarching concept that balanced aesthetic appeal with functional clarity. Choosing a plain, warm color background paired with white cards was a deliberate information segmentation to reduce cognitive load and enhance user focus on the content.

In the absence of CSS capabilities for shadow effects at the time, a significant amount of manual effort went into ensuring that each visual element looked good and communicated its function clearly.

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Developing the Pharma agent dashboard

The final step involved creating a tool for pharmaceutical agents to monitor post-release medication performance based on real patient feedback.

The development of the pharmaceutical agent dashboard marked a significant milestone, offering a sophisticated tool designed to track medication performance post-launch through real patient feedback.

This dashboard featured a suite of dynamic graphical data representations, meticulously designed to update in real-time. Such visualizations provided pharmaceutical agents with an intuitive and comprehensive overview of medication efficacy and patient satisfaction, allowing for informed decisions and strategies in response to the real-world impact of their products.

Color scheme & elements design

Treato elements and details design artistry

The elements design chronicle showcases meticulous steps taken throughout the styling process.

Project evolution went through defining a color palette that would resonate with the platform's purpose, followed by crafting engaging infographics that simplify complex data.

Creating interactive widgets further enhanced user engagement, while quirky characters were drawn for a vibrant social media presence.

The overarching design decisions were aimed at achieving a richly detailed design, from bespoke icons to the comprehensive layout of the home page, ensuring every element contributed to a cohesive and visually appealing interface.

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User Testing

Final design

The culmination of the Treato project brought to light a pivotal lesson: the importance of planning for a design that not only meets the current aesthetic and functional standards but also remains relevant and appealing over time.

Today, the design still stands as a testament to forward-thinking and meticulous planning, continuing to captivate users with its timeless visual appeal.


Gil Schoenberg

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