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Gamer One online gaming community

User Interface Design, UI Layout

Forging a virtual landscape where every pixel has a story

Gamer One a thriving social network for gamers, focuses on live game broadcasting and showcasing professional gaming skills and hardware.

E, the solo representative of UXDOX was enlisted to support the Sincere Studio team on the project, bringing expertise in crafting functional layouts and appearances that answer user needs.

The goal was to craft an interface that resonates with gamers' dynamic needs. Targeting content creators and professional gamers in the e-sports industry, we aimed to design an interface that stands out and engages this vibrant community.

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Design Strategy

  • Embrace neo-skeuomorphic design for an engaging, modular interface
  • Develop a flexible layout, adaptable to individual gamer preferences and needs
  • Offer intuitive navigation to enhance user experience and engagement across the platform

Research & Discovery

The journey began with a deep dive into the gaming community's preferences, conducting visual explorations to define diverse design directions. This process involved gathering image references and creating collages that reflected the vibrant world of gaming. Insights from this exploration helped inform the development of a design language that would not only resonate with the target audience but also set Gamer One apart in the competitive landscape of gaming platforms.

Collage of research materials, data charts, and user personas gathered during the discovery phase


Visual Design

Shaping the digital universe through the functional interface composition, crafting the artful balance of shadows and light.

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Exploring interface dynamics

The design journey commenced with an exploration of layout variations and navigation structure.

This phase was dedicated to finding a harmonious balance that could cater to both the aesthetic appeal and the functional demands of the gaming community, ensuring the platform's usability remained at the forefront.

  1. Masonry Grid Layout: This layout showcases a masonry grid with a sliding ladder eye flow, featuring three columns set in contemporary tiling. The design emphasizes proportions set by intersections, with an actionable corner that enhances user interaction.
  2. Horizontal Customizer Layout: Characterized by a ray displacement eye flow, this layout adopts a 16:9 proportion, integrating shifted flex box sections for a unique navigation experience. The design's edge is its actionable section margin, inviting user engagement.
  3. Sticky Block Layout: With a bouncing eye flow, this layout presents an inverted 3:4 proportion across two columns, anchored by a sticky left bar. It heavily relies on the UI style to draw users into the content, providing a cohesive visual and navigational experience.

Refining the gamers plain

This step focused on drafting the interface details variations, ensuring every design element resonated with the expectations of professional gamers and content creators.

The aim was to create a visual language that was both familiar and innovative, encapsulating the essence of the gaming world. Feedback became the cornerstone of this phase, guiding the refinement of the platform's general aesthetics.

  1. Boxy UI Style: This layout employs a boxy UI design, ideal for a condensed interface. It utilizes distinct outlines and a warm color palette, blending functionality with a strict aesthetic.
  2. Smooth UI Style: The Smooth UI layout brings a more vibrant, digital-native feel with its new skeuomorphic shapes. It creates an engaging, lively interface that resonates with modern users.
  3. Clean UI Style: Adopting a Clean UI layout, this design adheres to the intuitive standards of contemporary web apps. Its simplicity and clarity make navigation effortlessly intuitive.
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Finalizing the interface arena

The culmination of our efforts was marked by the finalization of high-fidelity details within the interface design. This involved precise adjustments to the layout based on the preferred direction and a deep dive into the design of each element. Special attention was paid to the adaptability of the layout, ensuring a personalized experience for every user.

The result is a polished interface that deviates from common gaming platforms yet invites gamers into a familiar environment crafted specifically for flexibity.

Color scheme & elements design

Refining the a seamless tapestry of light and order

In the finalization stage, faced with numerous layout and design options, Daniel focused on refining the visual style to reduce the tiles' visual load. By enhancing the visual harmony and creating a cohesive design system, he ensured a streamlined and consistent user experience across the platform, setting a solid foundation for future scalability and aesthetic consistency.

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User Testing

Final design


Sincere Studio

Daniel Swakman

Narta Dalladaku

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