Chain Clash crypto clans game design

UX/UI Design, Digital Art

Blockchain, Crypto, Entertainment, Game Design

Chain Clash is a character buildup game built on the blockchain. Players collect avatars and send them to battles competing on the points. The game offers to join forces with like-minded people to form crypto clans and challenge the enemy.

Each avatar is trained and assigned to a fighting arena with a preset offense and defense moves. On-chain contract calculates the punch strategy of each avatar and declares the win or loss for the player.


Collage of a modern PC game interfaces.

gaming experience is focused on an immersive experience. Dedicated mobile and tablet apps, console and PC games extensively using hardware to enrich the visual language.

The disadvantage of the in-browser mobile first game is limited resources. To achieve stable, yet pleasing gaming experience Chain Clash focuses on balancing basic CSS parameters with vector graphics like SVG and micro animations.

Design directions

Neo stream, is a cybernetic society mood taking inspiration from Ghost in the Shall aesthetics. Takes the player to pure digital expression with slight glitches and reach artifacts.

  • Dark environment
  • Visually complex elements with precise line-work (SVG)
  • Electronics like  forms and lines often with chamfered/angled corners
  • Glitchy transitions and micro animations (like on
  • Floating particles and elements (JS)

Deep sweetness, a phenomena of modern society taking the player to a new world of Blockchain games. The scenery is similar to friendly environment of Monument game, yet with a new imaginative perspective, ready to play for all genders.

  • Dark environment with glowing elements
  • Visually simplified elements with gradients (SVG)
  • Rounded shapes, and straight cuts.
  • Vivid, juicy colors in compositions of increased “white space”
  • Pseudo3D with tilted elements for slightly odd dynamism (CSS)

Slightly floating, in a cloud feeling of dreamy society taking inspiration from a cloudy morning. The scenery takes the player to clean environment with sharp shining lights and soft transitions.

  • Bright scheme
  • Gentle and minimalistic, clean line-work with saddle twists
  • Elements design is based on dots and origami style shapes (CSS)
  • Fogy colors with neon gradients enriched by circular particles (JS)
  • Hyper-minimalism with soft, rounded and contrasting tilted shapes
  • Line-work SVG animations and environment changing according to a characters status.

Final design

Check the InVision prototype.