Webflow Course

Webflow Course


Master No-Code Web Development for Designers with the Webflow course


30 hours

Fee per spot





Online Google Meet sessions

Embark on a journey to master Webflow, empowering you to create sophisticated web interfaces without the need for developers.

Our Webflow course is tailored for designers eager to acquire web development skills without relying on developers. It introduces you to a powerful no-code platform that streamlines the web design process.

Throughout the course, you'll learn web development techniques specifically designed for designers. You'll create web-based prototypes, deploy full-fledged web portals, and work on personal or client projects at your discretion.

In addition to online sessions, we'll cover web architecture fundamentals, incorporating UX best practices. Together, we'll build CMS-based collections for blog articles, portfolio projects, e-commerce products, and filterable categories. By the end of the course, you'll be a self-sufficient web developer capable of deploying optimized websites, portals, and applications.

Key takeaways

  • Building responsive HTML structures and layouts
  • Designing interactive components and animations
  • Integrating CMS libraries for dynamic content management
  • Creating web-based prototypes and deploying web portals
  • Incorporating UX best practices in web architecture
  • Crafting personalized projects or working on client briefs
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Why take part?

Elevate your design skills with our Webflow expertise and leverage the best design process practices.
  • Decide on your schedule for a comfortable learning experience
  • Work on a project of your choice, such as a portfolio or client brief, tailored to your needs
  • Gain tips on utilizing AI for copy and custom code development
  • Learn techniques for improving performance and SEO
I can absolutely recommend it! E will show how to sketch – from basics to complex objects!
Dinko, Berlin
It was a great re-introduction for me to design sketching, and E was a great instructor: energetic, friendly, really well-prepared, and extremely helpful with critiquing our sketches. It really helped me improve my basic sketching skills and become more confident and thoughtful as a sketcher.
Anonymous participant, Berlin
Without any relative academic background, I am very thankful for the chance to be able to get into this field. It would definitely help me as product manager in communicating our product design ideas to our manufacturers.
Shuying, Berlin
I enjoyed the class because I didn't know much about the subject before starting. I'm actually worked on a hackathon exercise which is difficult but rewarding and I really liked E's class about UX/UI
Rosanna, Berlin
I recently completed E's Webflow course and couldn't be happier! As a graphic designer with no web design experience, I was amazed at how easily I could create a stunning online portfolio. The course was well-structured, flexible, and the instructors were incredibly supportive. Their expert tips on AI, custom code, and SEO have been invaluable. I highly recommend this course to any designer looking to expand their skills.
Graphic Designer from Berlin
E was my private mentor at StartSteps Academy. I was struggling to find the right direction in my career, but it was difficult without good guidance. E helped me determine the right direction for future projects and revise my past works. E is not only talented and creative but also thinks outside the box. We specifically collaborated on redesigning UXDOX and analyzed my portfolio works. Working with E was both easy and highly productive!
Elina Huliieva, Junior UI/UX Designer


Course Overview and Webflow Basics

In the hands-on first session, E will introduce you to Webflow and its numerous benefits. You'll get an overview of the course objectives and set up your Webflow account. We'll explore the Webflow interface and dive into understanding HTML structure and creating basic elements.

Mastering Layouts and Responsive Design

Learn the principles of layout design, working with containers, grids, and flexbox to create responsive designs in Webflow. By the end of this session, you'll gain the skills to deploy your first website effectively.

Unlocking Webflow Components and Styling

Discover the power of pre-built Webflow components and learn how to customize them according to your design needs. We'll introduce you to Webflow's visual CSS editor and cover the use of style combos for more advanced styling.

Creating Engaging Interactions and Animations

Learn to build basic interactions and work with animations and transitions to make your website more engaging. We'll share tips for creating smooth and captivating animations that enhance the user experience.

Harnessing Libraries and Dynamic Content

In this section, E will explain Webflow's Content Management System (CMS) and demonstrate how to create and manage collections. You'll learn how to display dynamic content on your site and prototype web interfaces effectively.

Leveraging AI Insights and Custom Code

Discover the power of leveraging AI for copy and custom code, and learn how to test your designs with potential users. E will provide tips for efficient code management and guide you through integrating custom code into your Webflow projects.

Optimizing Your Website and Mastering SEO

Learn performance optimization techniques and best practices for SEO in Webflow. We'll help you prepare your site for launch, review and refine your project metadata, and monitor your website's performance post-launch.

Exploring Advanced Features and Integrations

In the final portion of the course, you will explore Webflow's e-commerce features and discuss connecting third-party tools and APIs. E will provide tips for expanding your site's functionality, empowering you to create a powerful and versatile web presence.


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