UX Design Workshop

UX Design Workshop


Discover the essentials of UX design in an engaging workshop


8 sessions

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Online Google Meet sessions

Master user-centered design strategies, user research, and prototyping methods for impactful results.

Our UX design workshop is designed to equip both beginners and professionals with the tools and techniques necessary to create user-friendly digital products. This hands-on course is an ideal opportunity to learn and apply critical design skills that are essential for the development of any product or service.

Throughout the workshop, you'll learn how to conceptualize, prototype, and refine digital products for optimal user experience. We'll explore best practices for creating seamless user flows and incorporating user perception at every stage of the design process. You'll gain insights into conducting qualitative research and developing empathy to better understand user needs, enabling you to craft intuitive and user-focused designs.

Key takeaways

  • User-centered design strategies and user research
  • Prototyping techniques and tools
  • Best practices for creating user flows
  • Effective qualitative research methods
  • Framing design intuition into presentable materials
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Why take part?

Advance Your UX Expertise: Enhance your creative process and transform your ideas into engaging user experiences by refining your UX design techniques.
  1. Comprehensive curriculum focused on iterative, user-centered design
  2. Learn from seasoned industry professionals offering expert guidance
  3. Ideal for beginners and experienced designers alike
  4. Apply concepts using real-world tools and practical applications
  5. Personalized one-on-one sessions for tailored learning experiences
I can absolutely recommend it! E will show how to sketch – from basics to complex objects!
Dinko, Berlin
It was a great re-introduction for me to design sketching, and E was a great instructor: energetic, friendly, really well-prepared, and extremely helpful with critiquing our sketches. It really helped me improve my basic sketching skills and become more confident and thoughtful as a sketcher.
Anonymous participant, Berlin
Without any relative academic background, I am very thankful for the chance to be able to get into this field. It would definitely help me as product manager in communicating our product design ideas to our manufacturers.
Shuying, Berlin
I enjoyed the class because I didn't know much about the subject before starting. I'm actually worked on a hackathon exercise which is difficult but rewarding and I really liked E's class about UX/UI
Rosanna, Berlin
I recently completed E's Webflow course and couldn't be happier! As a graphic designer with no web design experience, I was amazed at how easily I could create a stunning online portfolio. The course was well-structured, flexible, and the instructors were incredibly supportive. Their expert tips on AI, custom code, and SEO have been invaluable. I highly recommend this course to any designer looking to expand their skills.
Graphic Designer from Berlin
E was my private mentor at StartSteps Academy. I was struggling to find the right direction in my career, but it was difficult without good guidance. E helped me determine the right direction for future projects and revise my past works. E is not only talented and creative but also thinks outside the box. We specifically collaborated on redesigning UXDOX and analyzed my portfolio works. Working with E was both easy and highly productive!
Elina Huliieva, Junior UI/UX Designer


Grasping UX Fundamentals

Dive into UX design principles, explore the user-centered design approach, and gain an overview of the entire UX design process. After introductions we delve into User Experience principles with a focus on user-centered design. We'll define and outline key points for task-centered approach and iterative techniques.

Delving into User Research

Learn to identify target users, utilize various user research methods, and develop effective questions to gather valuable insights.

Crafting User Personas and Problem Definition

Analyze research data, create comprehensive user personas, and pinpoint problems and opportunities for better user experiences.

Ideation, Solution Exploration, and User Journey Mapping

Brainstorm potential solutions, develop concepts, design user flows, and create GoDo maps to visualize user journeys effectively. Using insights from previous sessions, we'll draft user flow and build comprehensive architecture with GoDo map.

Mastering Prototyping and Interface Design

Choose the right prototyping methods, build interface mockups, and iterate designs to achieve optimal results. We'll review the GoDo map and identify key areas for wireframing and prototyping using tools like Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD (what fits you the best). We'll wrap up the session with a group review of the wireframes.

Conducting User Testing and Evaluation

Plan user testing sessions, collect user feedback, and analyze test results to make data-driven design decisions. This session revolves around usability testing and questionnaires. Utilizing Google Forms or Typeform, we'll design a survey to test the prototype developed in the previous session.

Refining Designs through Analysis and Optimization

Identify areas for improvement, prioritize enhancements, and implement optimizations to elevate the user experience. In this step we make modifications and adjustments based on collected feedback.

Showcasing Final Presentations and Review

Prepare and deliver engaging design presentations, discuss project outcomes, and evaluate the overall UX design process.


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