StartSteps Tech:Mentor

StartSteps Tech:Mentor


Elevate your design skills with personalized mentorship subsidized by Arbeitsamt


35 hours

Fee per spot

Covered by Arbeitsamt




Online or offline, up to you

StartSteps offers tailored UX/UI design mentorship program targeting professionals willing to make a shift to User Experience (UX) and User Interfaces (UI) design. It is catered to those with a foundation in creative fields such as architecture, interior design, graphic design, and photography.

For UX/UI Tech:Mentor program you get matched to E, or other mentor who will guide you, challenge you, and inspire you. Together, you'll embark on a journey of learning and growth.

With 35 hours of flexible, one-on-one mentorship, you'll have the freedom to focus on what matters most to you in your professional career.

Key takeaways

  • Deepen the skill with UX/UI personalized mentorship
  • Specialize in your interests with 35 hours of tailored learning
  • Flexible schedule aligns with your lifestyle
  • Nurture skills in our growth-focused environment
  • Expand your network with influential figures in design
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Why take part?

Participate in Tech:Mentor to amplify your design expertise and propel your career forward
  • StartSteps program offers personalized learning
  • The mentorship is tailored to your unique goals and interests
  • Learn at your own pace and choose what to focus on
  • Enhance your portfolio, broaden your skill set, and make valuable industry connections
  • Open doors to new opportunities in the UX/UI design field
I can absolutely recommend it! E will show how to sketch – from basics to complex objects!
Dinko, Berlin
It was a great re-introduction for me to design sketching, and E was a great instructor: energetic, friendly, really well-prepared, and extremely helpful with critiquing our sketches. It really helped me improve my basic sketching skills and become more confident and thoughtful as a sketcher.
Anonymous participant, Berlin
Without any relative academic background, I am very thankful for the chance to be able to get into this field. It would definitely help me as product manager in communicating our product design ideas to our manufacturers.
Shuying, Berlin
I enjoyed the class because I didn't know much about the subject before starting. I'm actually worked on a hackathon exercise which is difficult but rewarding and I really liked E's class about UX/UI
Rosanna, Berlin
I recently completed E's Webflow course and couldn't be happier! As a graphic designer with no web design experience, I was amazed at how easily I could create a stunning online portfolio. The course was well-structured, flexible, and the instructors were incredibly supportive. Their expert tips on AI, custom code, and SEO have been invaluable. I highly recommend this course to any designer looking to expand their skills.
Graphic Designer from Berlin
E was my private mentor at StartSteps Academy. I was struggling to find the right direction in my career, but it was difficult without good guidance. E helped me determine the right direction for future projects and revise my past works. E is not only talented and creative but also thinks outside the box. We specifically collaborated on redesigning UXDOX and analyzed my portfolio works. Working with E was both easy and highly productive!
Elina Huliieva, Junior UI/UX Designer


Personalized learning path

At StartSteps Tech:Mentor the learning is personalized. You'll have 35 hours of one-on-one mentorship, during which you can decide what to focus on, how you want to learn, and how to manage your time. With the guidance of an experienced mentor like E, you'll be able to explore your areas of interest and grow your design skills in a way that best suits you.


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