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Holyo gift vouchers marketplace

Fintech & Crypto
UX Design, Web UI Development, Brand Identity

Redefining Holyo the gift cards and vouchers platform

Holyo stands at the forefront of digital gift card solutions, offering a vibrant marketplace for buying and redeeming vouchers.

Tasked with redesigning Holyo's interface, our goal was to boost user trust and engagement, making the portal modern and inviting.

We focused on users in developing economies, aiming to provide them with a reliable and accessible online payment alternative.

Design project introduction image

Design Strategy

  • We used enhanced "5 Elements of User Experience" for the UX strategy
  • Focusing on the user-centric design we conducted a user research and defined user profiles
  • Further developing a coherent information architecture and ensuring a seamless user journey
  • While aiming for a fresh and exciting design we made convenient, multilingual interface

Research & Discovery

In our research phase, we dived deep into understanding Holyo's users. We identified four distinct types: Gamers, Vendors, Present Buyers, and Nomads, each with unique needs and interactions with the platform.

Our primary goal was to address the growing demand for vouchers, particularly in emerging economies. This meant creating a platform that was not only accessible but also met diverse user requirements.

Holyo was envisioned as more than just a platform; it was designed as an ecosystem. We carefully studied the system and relationships between different users to ensure a holistic and user-friendly experience.

Collage of research materials, data charts, and user personas gathered during the discovery phase


In our prototyping phase for Holyo, we iteratively developed three user flow versions, each refining the user experience. Our process was focused on fine-tuning the journey, culminating in the translation of the final version into detailed wireframes. These wireframes became the foundational blueprint for Holyo’s interface, ensuring thorough consideration of every design element.

Adopting a mobile-first approach, our responsive design catered to the widespread use of mobile devices. This strategy was essential in making Holyo accessible and convenient for a diverse audience, aligning with the platform's aim to be universally user-friendly.

Visual Design

Creating a apectrum of styles for Holyo's new brand identity

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Var. 1

Arthur Lang reimagined Holyo's original yellow theme with a modern twist, introducing a vibrant blend of orange and blue. This color scheme brought a contemporary edge, enriched with illustrative touches that added depth and character to the platform.

Var. 2

The second variation, conceptualized by Arthur, presented a fresh perspective with a striking blue and neon green theme. Accompanied by a bold font choice, this design aimed to make a lasting impact, infusing the platform with a sense of vibrancy and modern flair.

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Var. 3

In this explorative phase, Arthur played with a sophisticated palette of navy, red, and yellow. This choice experimented with the graphical language of the platform, striving for a balance between classic elegance and contemporary style, making the platform visually engaging and dynamic.

Color scheme & elements design

The aesthetic from wireframes to a complete visual delight

Throughout the Holyo project, we meticulously applied the chosen visual theme (Var 2) to our wireframes, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing design. Our visual language was further enhanced by incorporating photos of people, adding a human touch that resonated with our diverse user base.

Additionally, we developed a design system with simple logic and aesthetically pleasing elements, making the user experience both intuitive and delightful.

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User Testing

Ola, our dedicated user researcher, conducted thorough tests with select users from each group using the Figma prototype. This critical phase allowed us to gather invaluable insights, fine-tune the user experience, and ensure that the final product truly resonated with our target audience.

Final design

Delivering the exceptional design

For the final stage, we leveraged Webflow for web development, which enabled us to expedite the implementation process. This approach allowed us to meticulously oversee every detail in the live code, ensuring that the design's integrity was maintained from concept to execution.
Explore Holyo prototype in Webflow

Arthur Lang

Caidleigh Murphy

Jens Garberding

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