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Botanicly conversational interface

Design Strategy, User Experience, Mobile & Web App, Branding

Meet Botanicly

An innovative startup devoted to connecting people with their perfect plant match. Botanicly cultivated a platform that simplifies the plant selection and purchasing process.

The project's objective was to create a design solution that navigates users through our online store seamlessly. We intended to create a journey that's just as natural and soothing as the plants themselves.

We focused on a broad spectrum of plant enthusiasts, from experienced botanists to busy urban dwellers seeking to infuse their environment with a touch of nature. Our design aimed to make plant ownership simple and enjoyable for all.

Design project introduction image

Design Strategy

  • Engaging in market analysis and exploring plant care blogs for user research
  • Crafting a comprehensive user journey through careful information architecture
  • Adhering to principles of familiarity, minimalism, sensuality, and spirituality in design

Research & Discovery

Our research began by studying the competition landscape, ranging from individual plant growers to large market chains. By investigating what worked and what didn't, we identified areas where we could innovate.

Diving deeper, we engaged with plant blogs and online forums to understand the difficulties users face. One key finding was that despite their love for plants, users often struggled due to limited botanical knowledge.

This insight led us to craft our user persona: a plant enthusiast who, while passionate, may not have time for extensive plant care. Our mission became clear: to create an advisor bot that offers tailored plant recommendations, making plant ownership a joy, not a chore.

We meticulously charted out a comprehensive user flow map, ensuring each service touchpoint was covered. This map became the blueprint for our design, enabling us to foresee and plan for every user interaction, providing an all-encompassing, fluid user experience.

Comprehensive user flow map through the Botanicly app
Collage of research materials, data charts, and user personas gathered during the discovery phase


The prototyping phase was integral in bringing our plant advisor to life. We began by creating mockups of the advisor bot. These preliminary designs underwent a series of iterations, refining our user journey and ensuring an intuitive, smooth selection process for every user.

Next, we turned our focus to responsive design. Given the ubiquitous nature of mobile devices and the rise of m-commerce, it was vital to consider all possible screens. From desktop to mobile, we optimized the design to provide a seamless and accessible user experience across all platforms.

Visual Design

Crafting a digital greenhouse within a conversational interface

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Color scheme & elements design

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User Testing

Final design

Redefining the emotive, human-centric design

Guiding Botanicly's vision to fruition was a testament to dynamic design management and adaptable UI design.

The project was a unique opportunity to harmonize the digital and botanical realms. The result was a user-friendly conversational interface that, like a lush digital greenhouse, supports users in their journey of plant parenthood.

This project illuminated the potential of interactive design in bridging knowledge gaps, making plant care more accessible for everyone.
See the prototype for engaging online store

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