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Audi TT gauges concept

Concept Design, Automotive UI, Graphic Visualization

Sporty transformation of the reimagined Audi TT dashboard

Audi, a renowned automotive giant, sought an innovative, graphical design concept for their 2017 Audi TT model.

The project's primary goal was to create a design that could be evaluated and potentially implemented into the production vehicle.

The concept was intended for Audi drivers who favor classy sports car and expect an elevated user experience.

Design project introduction image

Design Strategy

  • Prioritizing the principle of familiarity
  • Incorporating minimalistic elements
  • Focusing on user-friendly interface

Research & Discovery

After examining competitors and drawing inspiration, our user research findings pointed towards the need for an interface that shifts in tandem with the vehicle's motion and direction, enhancing the driver's connection to the car.

Collage of research materials, data charts, and user personas gathered during the discovery phase


In this stage, a dynamic user interface was crafted, with a video time lapse showcasing the intricate design process via Affinity Designer.

Visual Design

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Color scheme & elements design

Tracing design journey from edges to circles

Crafting the visual language through the rapid gears shifting. Exploring edgy forms to classic circles, our journey through the design process reveals the strategic decisions behind opting for a style closer to a classical look.

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User Testing

Final design

The project underscored the importance of timely execution and showcased Affinity Designer as an excellent tool for graphic design. All in all we are pleased about the results: enriched experience and user-friendly speedometer concept.


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